Expert Marketing Temps

We are NZ’s largest collection of professional marketing temps with experts across all marketing disciplines.


Only marketing experts understand your needs

A marketing expert is the key to unlocking success within your business. Marketing is a complex science of understanding consumer behaviours and needs, and a marketing expert will use their knowledge to locate and engage people who want the product you are offering. How do words, visual keys, product and pricing influence the volume of people who will consider your product? Where is the most cost effective place to reach them? How do you cut through the clutter and noise of other people competing for your customer’s attention?

Why marketing specialists are critical to your success

It can take years of training and experience to understand all that is required to be an effective marketer, and even if you have key areas of marketing expertise, to be successful you need to understand how the whole marketing mix works and fits together. You need a marketing expert who will get to the answer quickly and easily. It can be a rare find – but we have lots and lots of them.

My philosophy

louise-2My career has spanned marketing leadership for a number of NZ businesses – corporates, SMEs and Advertising agencies. When managing marketing teams one thing has been common: not having the marketing people when you need them holds you back. As a marketing leader we sometimes missed opportunities to put a campaign together because our team was simply too stretched with the day to day to pick up any more projects. The recruitment process for the right team member can take a very long time, and often I was pushed into choosing between mediocre candidates simply because the rest of the team couldn’t cope with absorbing the workload of someone who had moved on.

In my work as a consulting marketer with SMEs I also saw the tremendous affect that a senior marketing expert could have on fast growth over a very short period, and helped turn struggling businesses into success with just a few weeks of marketing strategy and execution. Having spent the last four years building a team of exceptional marketers to serve the SME market, I’m determined to help larger organisations unlock their success by renting out our NZ or Perth marketing team for your short term project needs. It is my vision to make businesses better through marketing – to get your results quicker and to make it easier to find the people you need to achieve that success.

Our process


We’ve made it easy for you to get the marketing experts you need into your business fast, with no fuss. Simply start by registering your business in our
Marketer-Match programme and we can will help you find the perfect person to meet your needs within 24hrs or less.


We register your business with us


Appointment from NZ Marketers


We match and recommend


NZM starts at your business


Track hours and activities


We invoice your business monthly


Advantages of using an NZ Marketer

Qualified marketers who are CPD compliant
No sick or holiday pay to manage and no payroll
Expand and contract the team as your project and budget allows
Only expert, high performing marketers are invited to join the team
Ready now! We can start tomorrow (or sometimes today)
Discounts for longer term projects or ongoing projects
Peer tested – we work as a team and check in with each other
Emergency stop-gap for short term projects

Your questions answered

Do you recruit?
We are not a recruitment company. However, if through working with us you decide you need to bring in a new full time person, we can help you put together a position description and identify the key characteristics you will need in a new hire to help you achieve success based on our understanding of your business. We can even sit in on the interview process with you and help by assessing the candidates marketing expertise.
What if I don’t like my NZ Marketer?
We will always aim to match you with someone who meets not only your skills requirements, but your company’s cultural needs. We work with our team all the time, so we know them very well and know who will be a good fit. However, if you find someone isn’t quite right for the business just let us know and we will re-match you to another marketer.
How long can I use a NZ Marketer for?
We recommend shorter periods of a few weeks up to around 3-6 months. If it looks like you need someone for a very long period, we will recommend you look at employing someone in a full or part time capacity. We can help you prepare for this.
What are the fees/prices?
Each marketer has different fees they charge for their skills. Additionally, a marketer may charge less for more junior activities than for something that requires their full experience and expertise. For example – they may charge less for social media execution than for research planning and development, or copy-writing. They will also agree set daily/term project rates for longer term projects.
What if my project finishes early or doesn’t proceed?
There are no penalties for deciding not to go ahead with an NZ Marketer. The exception to this is if you have agreed a reduced fee for a fixed term project rate – in which case there will be an early termination fee which will be agreed at the start of your project. You are free to stop and start your project as you need to. Please be aware however that should you delay your project, your preferred marketer may not be available for your timeframes.
Can I use more than one person?
Certainly, for a specific project you may need more than one marketer or a small team of marketers with different skills. We are a high performing team, with a wide number of networked resources and we are very used to collaborating with each other on projects and working together. You will normally have a lead NZ Marketer who will know who to pull in from the team to help drive your project forward.
How quickly can I get someone?
Our team are available right away. Our team work both on fixed projects and general marketing consulting, so we will always be able to find someone who is able to pick up your project very quickly, even the same day if required. We ask you to hold a virtual meeting with our recommended matched marketers and then decide who will be the best fit for your needs.
What if I’d like my NZ Marketer to stay on permanently?
Our team have all previously worked in permanent positions and enjoy the flexibility of short-term project work and managing their own time. Many have exited corporate positions to get greater flexibility & work life balance, and prefer the variety of working across lots of different companies. This has the added benefit for you that they are constantly sharpening their skills and cross-fertilising their ideas, or learning about new industries. Whilst you want to hold on to them, they are best not caged in a permanent role.

We will operate as a fully out-sourced
marketing department for you!