We will operate as a fully out-sourced
marketing department for you!

What is Max Marketing?

Max Marketing is a company of expert marketers who are dedicated to helping New Zealand companies make their business better.  Whilst NZ Marketers is a stop-gap for marketing resources, Max Marketing is a total solution for SMEs who need help from strategic planning through to implementation of marketing plans.
We have a number of tools to make marketing easy and accessible for all businesses no matter what their shape, size or challenge is. Our aim is to help you create better connections with your customers through your uniquely compelling products and services.
We will operate as a fully out-sourced marketing and seo department for you, pulling in the resources as you need them in line with your objectives and within your budget requirements. We’ll start by conducting a quick health-check of the marketing of your business and then help you to determine where to next from there.

Strategic Planning

We hate waste! Too many companies and enterprise businesses spend too much money and time on marketing activites that are ineffective simply because they don’t have a tight marketing strategy to guide their tactics. Within our team we have a specialist unit of strategists whose expertise spreads across marketing and into a wider business context. These experts ensure all future marketing activities are optimised and deliver $$ spent a good return on investment.


Fixed-Price Programmes

rocketFor budget-conscious businesses we also offer fixed-price marketing programmes that will take you through the optimum planning process for your marketing. We will prescribe the best programme for your needs that will get you on track faster and with lowest cost. These programmes can also be co-funded by NZTE if you meet their qualification criteria.


Partners and Campaign Management

In addition to our nation-wide team of marketers, we also have a number of key strategic partners that enable all your marketing activities to happen smoothly. We have been working with people from business experts through to signwriters and web developers, and have found the gems whose values of best-practice and best-service align with ours. When you work with NZ Marketing you get a massive team of industry experts along for the ride too.

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“From strategic planners
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