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What we do

NZ Marketers are the superheroes of the marketing world bringing their extraordinary skills to help save marketing projects from failure. We cover recruitment gaps, employee leave and project based placements. Our placements can be as small as a few hours right through to full time. With any placement opportunity we consider the skills, experience and availability of our Marketers and Creatives to ensure we are matching the right Marketer with each client. Register your interest on the right to find out more.  

Skills and Qualifications

Our clients are looking for Marketers and Creatives of all levels of experience. To register, please use the contact form to the right.

CIM and Chartered Marketer

We give preference to people who have qualified for membership of the globally recognised Chartered Institute of Marketing. It is our objective to have all NZ Marketers as CIM members as a minimum standard by end of 2017. In addition, we encourage all NZ Marketers to join the CIM’s Continuing Professional Development programme (CPD) that requires a minimum of 35hrs training in any of a number of key marketing disciplines every year. Marketers that qualify for this earn the right to mark their skills with the CIM’s red triangle.

The Process to become an NZ Marketer

Marketing is a specialist skill and there are plenty of people out there who claim to be qualified. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that we have certainty in our Marketers’ capabilities and can put them in placements appropriate to their proven skills and experience.

But don’t think that means you can rest on your laurels once you come on board. NZ Marketers conduct regular peer review meetings with each other to ensure that our skills are current, and we will expect you to meet training goals and team feedback annually to ensure your skills don’t tire or your techniques become out-dated.

Register your interest using the form on the right and we’ll get in touch with some more information.


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